The Lighthouse


Pastor Kerry Duffield
Pastor of Social Services


The Lighthouse is a local organization sponsored by Good Friends Fellowship whose goal is to meet the needs of those in our community who are less fortunate. These days with our economy the way it is, there are many local people who need a helping hand during hard times. As Jesus said, true religion is found in taking care of those in need. The Lighthouse also provides a safe place for those who are lonely or struggling to come and find friends and support for whatever they are going through. The Lighthouse not only feeds and cares for the physical needs it also tries to meet the spiritual needs of those who come.

Although operated by Good Friends Fellowship, The Lighthouse is also supported by donations from other local churches and community organizations. Many also come and volunteer with their time or donations of food.

If you would like to volunteer or would like more information please contact Pastor Kerry Duffield at 519-942-0736 or

If you would like to make a donation please click and select Lighthouse in the drop down menu. 

If making a donation by cheque please make it out to Good Friends Fellowship and write Lighthouse in the subject line. 


If you would like to donate items, suggested items listed below: